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Finding Balance in the Awareness and Lead Generation Mix

There comes a point in time when every brand faces the difficulty of prioritizing investments for the greater good of the mission. What's more important, awareness or demand generation?

Ideally, these important pursuits are equally supported, balanced, and their contributions to marketing plan success is measured. Awareness of your brand is chiefly related to increasing the size of your audience whereas lead generation targets or limits those… Read More

Five Reasons to Expand Your VAR Business with Cloud Services

Cloud services are here to stay

After all the talk and all the hype, the proof is finally out.  Cloud revenues for the four quarters ended September 30, 2016, grew 25% over the previous year, according to a recent Synergy Research Group report.  While the gorillas in the room drove revenues to an impressive $148 billion, the more significant milestone in 2016 is that spending on cloud services exceeded cloud infrastructure hardware and software for… Read More

Using Emojis Effectively In Your Marketing Campaign

Emojis are of popular use amongst millennials and marketers are realizing the advantage of incorporating them into their marketing campaigns. These icons can help marketers make a positive connection with the younger generations.  Here are some tips on how brands can incorporate emojis into their next campaign.

Emojis and Target Audiences

While emojis are fun and can add some humor or spice to marketing efforts, it is not advised that brands use too many as it may… Read More

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help B2B Marketing Campaigns

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a major component in all things promotional and technological, marketers are acknowledging the changes that are likely to happen in the marketing industry. Over the next few years, B2B marketing executives are realizing that AI can help improve their marketing efforts and bring their businesses to their full potential. So how can AI assist brands in their B2B marketing campaigns?

Dynamic Campaigns

Utilizing AI technology can help brand marketers create more ingenious… Read More

Tips for Successful B2B Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. But thought leadership doesn't mean just writing any kind of articles or blogs. In order to be a thought leader you or your brand need to be educating and influencing other business men and women in your industry. When used properly, B2B thought leadership can add value to your marketing strategy.

1. Be Responsive to the Questions of the Audience

Don't just publish content… Read More

How to Generate Profit from B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing, when done the right way, can become a profit generators. Some businesses view content marketing as a cost center, expecting low returns on investments. However, this is not true. Many successful businesses have learned how to turn content marketing into mainstream revenue generator.

Monetization of your B2B marketing content has advantages. Not only are you spreading the word about your brand via content, you are also passively earning from it through monetization. There… Read More

The Importance of Thought Leadership

In a world where the internet is flooded with content marketing meant to drive business back to a brand, thought leadership is a way to stand out from the crowd and have your brand’s message really make an impact.

Thought leadership is about inspiring the industry in which the leader presides. The content of the article or piece written should revolve around new ideas and points of view that others have potentially not been exposed to… Read More

Tips To Increase B2B Content Marketing

Finding the perfect strategy for content marketing can prove to be a difficult task if the market is highly saturated. Same goes for content with a very broad niche. It is easy to get swarmed in a sea of content marketers with very similar objectives, leading to a dilution of overall sales campaign penetration. In the field of B2B content marketing, there are a number of tried and tested methods to channelize all types of content - company blog,… Read More

Integrated marketing is key to a successful campaign.

Integrated marketing is the key to a successful campaign. And knowing your audience is the key to a successful integrated marketing mix.

Digital media. Digital Marketing. That’s the buzz these days.  And it’s no wonder. Our world is transitioning into a very digital world.  Yet the proven strategies of traditional marketing cannot be overlooked or pushed aside.

An integrated marketing campaign will take all marketing strategies and possible tactics into consideration. These will be vetted against the… Read More

Email marketing is not dead. It is very much alive.

Email marketing is not dead. Email marketing is very much alive.

An article published this week by eMarketer has solid data behind those two statements.

While this research shows that email marketing takes top billing when it comes to customer acquisition and retention, marketers need to keep in mind three strategies to help drive those outcomes.

  1. Be smart. It goes without saying, but being smart about the content and the subject line are imperative. A… Read More

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