5 Articles to Simplify LinkedIn Advertising in 2023

5 Articles to Simplify LinkedIn Advertising in 2023

Posted on: January 19th, 2023

LinkedIn has always been known as a platform that helps professionals network, share updates, and connect with peers. But there is another essential element to the platform that marketers and campaign managers need to be familiar with—LinkedIn Advertising for awareness and demand generation.

There is no shortage of in-depth articles, how-to videos, and even courses offered by LinkedIn that cover everything you’ll need to know. But sifting through all this content isn’t easy and can be very time consuming, especially during a busy workweek. If you don’t have the time to take a 4-hour course, no problem! Check out our top 5 articles that will help you simplify and learn the tricks to promote your business (or yourself) like a pro. Then, when you’re ready to jump into a full course, you will already be a few steps ahead of the pack.

  • Article 1: Anything You Need To Know About Linkedin Campaign Manager (marxcommunications.com)

    This article gives a great overview of all aspects of LinkedIn Campaign Manager—account setup, step-by-step campaign building, campaign execution, analytics, and more. Campaign Manager can appear daunting at first glance; however, a helpful guide like this will give you the knowledge you need to get started. This content is a great place to start for anyone new to LinkedIn ad campaigns.

  • Article 2: 8 Linkedin Ad Types: Examples, Formats, and Tips – IMPACTABLE

    This article lists and describes in detail the eight distinct types of LinkedIn Ads, from Carousel or Spotlight Ads to Video or Conversation Ads, and which will work best for you. This varies depending on your goals and the content you are looking to share. It is important to understand the benefits and characteristics of each type before making your selection and taking your ad online.

  • Article 3: Track LinkedIn Conversions with Google Tag Manager [Definitive Guide] (analyticsmania.com)

    This article takes a deeper dive into tracking LinkedIn conversions with Google Tag Manager— what this is, how to set this up, and the strengths this brings to your advertising campaign. You will get familiar with both kinds of LinkedIn Insight Tags and discover how you can manage, monitor, and analyze conversions landing at your desired destination.

  • Article 4: The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads Audience Targeting [Infographic] (aaronzakowski.com)

    This article is a great resource to check out when building your ideal target audience. Audience targeting is often rushed or speculated; however, it remains one of the most important steps for overall campaign success. There are various steps to this process that the article explores, starting with objective selection, moving into audience attributes and industries, and ending with audience size, demographics, education, job experience, and more. We have yet to find another article with such a helpful and digestible infographic—check it out now!

  • Article 5: How to Analyze LinkedIn Campaign Performance – Syntactics Inc.

    This article is different from the others—while those listed above help with setup and execution, this one teaches you how to create reports that track campaign performance after a campaign ad is live. You can dig into a variety of metrics that will help focus on important results and find out what is performing best and why. Then, when you want to push your next campaign live, you will already be a bit closer to perfecting your outreach strategy.

These five articles will ensure your advertising efforts are carefully crafted, well-received, and thoughtfully executed from start to finish. If you need further support rationalizing LinkedIn as a B2B social media investment, check out this additional Merit Mile post. There is always a lot more to learn, but understanding the content here will help get you started— trust us, the results will show.

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