Merit Mile Metrix

If you’ve researched CRM or Project Management software solutions, you may have found yourself overwhelmed with the volume of companies and options available. Even worse, every company seems to offer a one size fits all approach with escalating fees for the most basic or required features.

And if you work in a services organization — advertising, web development, or public relations agency; law firm; accounting practice — or you’re a team or stand alone business consultant, the choices are even less tailored for your particular needs.

Enter Merit Mile Metrix… all your services company needs in an internal and client-facing Project Management CRM solution, and nothing more:

  • Proprietary (SaaS) web application
  • Multi-tenant, role/permissions-based
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • White labeled for your and your clients
  • Fully responsive for desktops, tablets and phones
  • Project and automated task management
  • Project estimating and real-time profitability measurement
  • Deep project status, Gantt charts & milestone visibility
  • Staff time and productivity management
  • Advertising campaign execution and ROI measurement
  • Lead and contact management with forecasting models
  • Client status reports with styled charts
  • Expense management, approval and reporting
  • Online surveys platform with automated data analysis and BI
  • Cloud-based document repository and short-linking
  • Website CMS and landing page integration
  • Online form submission management and back-ups
  • / Pardot form handling integration (if nec.)
  • Office 365 integration

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