Short-Form Video Production- A Must-Have Marketing Asset in 2023 and Beyond

Short-Form Video Production- A Must-Have Marketing Asset in 2023 and Beyond

Posted on: June 13th, 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, short-form videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to promote their offerings and services. With the expanded use of social media and the increasing demand for quick yet engaging content, they have become an essential component of many successful marketing strategies here at Merit Mile.

Great at capturing attention in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with written information, short-form videos can convey a brand’s message, highlight specific products or services, and engage viewers in fresh ways. With attention spans becoming more compressed, short-form videos provide an effective means of capturing and retaining audience interest, increasing the likelihood of message absorption and brand recall.

Here’s Why:

-The continued popularity of social media has significantly amplified reach and potential.

These platforms have millions of active users, and their algorithms prioritize video content (LinkedIn and Instagram, for example), making it more likely for videos to reach a wider and more targeted audience. By leveraging short-form videos on such platforms, businesses can tap into a vast pool of potential customers, enhance brand visibility, and drive more traffic and sales.

-Their compatibility with mobile devices.

With most internet users accessing content through smartphones, it’s crucial to optimize marketing efforts for mobile consumption. Short videos are often easily shareable and can be consumed on the go, allowing businesses to reach their target audience anytime, anywhere. This accessibility and convenience factor make short-form videos an ideal choice for marketers seeking to connect with mobile-savvy consumers across the globe for critical message delivery.

-The shift in consumer preferences towards authentic and relatable content.

Unlike highly produced and polished advertisements, short videos often have a more casual and spontaneous feel, which resonates well with modern audiences. By showcasing genuine experiences or behind-the-scenes footage, businesses build stronger connections with their target market, fostering trust and loyalty.

Project Management: A Key Yet Understated Role in Video Production

At Merit Mile, the role of project management is crucial in the planning and execution of short-form video production. One of the primary responsibilities is to define the project scope and objectives in collaboration with the client- understanding their goals, target audience, and desired message, and translating them into a clear creative brief. By establishing a well-defined scope, the PM ensures that all stakeholders are aligned, and expectations are managed from the outset.

Once the project scope is defined, the project manager plays a key role in assembling and coordinating with the video production team. This involves identifying the necessary resources, such as videographers, editors, scriptwriters, and graphic designers, and assigning tasks accordingly. Oftentimes, our first step in this phase is creating a visual storyboard, which is one of the best ways to gauge alignment with the client and collect constructive feedback at the onset.

During the execution phase, the PM oversees the entire process, monitoring progress, managing timelines, and addressing any issues that may arise. Acting as a central point of contact for both the client and the production team, they provide regular updates, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to keep the project on track. The project manager also ensures that the project stays within budget and adheres to any legal or copyright requirements. Attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple moving parts are vital in delivering a successful short-form video that meets the client’s expectations.

Actions speak louder than words, however, so check out some of our most recent video work we’ve completed for several of our clients:

  1. Here, we highlighted the newest AI (Artificial Intelligence) productivity tools for Microsoft:
  2. Here, we crafted industry-specific demo videos for tech clients like Citrix and Google:
  3. Here, we produced teaser videos for a satellite communications client, Iridium:
  4. Or even corporate videos like we executed for a healthcare client, LifeSync:
  5. For the complete Merit Mile video showcase, click the link here:

The marketing benefits of short-form videos in 2023 are undeniable. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for marketers to stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of short-form videos to engage, inspire, and ultimately convert their target audience.

Creating content that viewers thoroughly enjoy and retain often comes down to the right people and strategic marketing mindset. If your team, department, or organization is unsure on how to integrate short-from videos into your next marketing plan, send us a message and we’ll help bring your ideas to life.

Surviving and thriving in tough economies often comes down to the right people and the right operational and marketing mindset. If your team, department, or organization is concerned about navigating difficult market forces, consider embracing an ATO in full or hybrid fashion starting with HR, marketing, and technology decision-making.

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