4 Reasons why LinkedIn Advertising is Superior for B2B Social Media Marketing

Posted on: November 16th, 2020

There is no denying the immense power and reach of social media. Social media advertising drives targeted web traffic, boosts your website’s SEO rankings, and helps you better engage with and understand your audience. However, there are many different options and opportunities with social media marketing, so you need to know what platforms are performing best for your brand and audience and why.

For B2B companies, LinkedIn advertising stands out from the crowd on the strength of its business-oriented user base and its refined targeting options for each ad format and marketing goal. Taking full advantage of the network’s powerful targeting filters, you can advertise to the professional audiences in your target market directly on their news feed, side panel, or InMail and they are most likely to respond. This helps you maximize your conversion rates and minimize the risks of misusing your advertising budget.

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Let’s explore how LinkedIn advertising differentiates itself as a leader for B2B social media marketing.

  1. The Only True Professional Social Platform

    Your B2B social media marketing efforts are only effective if you get in front of the right audience. LinkedIn’s network of business users has proven to be actively engaged with content that aligns with their career interests and professional profile.

    The majority of LinkedIn users promote their most authentic and up-to-date professional status on their personal profile, which is relevant information that no other social network can rival. The rest of LinkedIn’s platform is primarily used by professionals who are looking to connect with peers, follow industry news, and advance their careers. As such, when you advertise on LinkedIn, you are interacting with top-of-funnel audiences in a professional setting where they are more receptive to engaging with your related content and offers.

  2. Targeting by Professional Profile

    LinkedIn advertising stands out not only because of its valuable audience but also because of its targeting options for each ad format and marketing goal. LinkedIn provides you access to relevant, professional audiences so you can connect with business and technical decision-makers and refine your targeting by:

    • Industry
    • Company size & name
    • Job title
    • Job function
    • Skill sets
    • Education/Degree
    • Experience/Seniority
    • Other relevant interests and demographics

    The targeting features allows you to slice and dice data on specific audiences. This means you can reach LinkedIn users based on authentic, member-generated data, ensuring that your assets are only shown to a specific target audience and relevant traffic.

    For example, does your ideal customer have a degree in Data Analytics, has worked in a director-level position in the Healthcare industry in the past 5 years, and lives in the states along the I-95 corridor? LinkedIn will direct your ad only to users who meet these exact criteria.

  3. Matched Audience Targeting

    LinkedIn also allows you to match your own business data with their robust user-generated content for even better marketing outcomes. You can build customized audiences and run account-based marketing campaigns by uploading lists of your target contacts, email addresses, or company names. You can also identify lookalike audiences based on your website visitors, target accounts, and contact lists – allowing you to market to new customers who have similar characteristics to your established target audience.

    Taking full advantage of the network’s powerful targeting filters, you can advertise directly to those users that are most likely to convert – minimizing the risk of spending your advertising budget on inadequate data or irrelevant leads.

  4. Better Conversion Rates, Bigger ROI

    Typically, LinkedIn advertising is more expensive than other platforms. However, it does not mean that it is overpriced and beyond your budget considerations. Ad clicks and impressions costs may be more expensive on LinkedIn but an advertising strategy that is focused on targeted interactions will deliver higher yields at lower risks.

    LinkedIn’s competitive advantage is that it is a business-oriented and professional networking site with highly sophisticated ad-targeting tools. As such, LinkedIn can accurately deliver your message to the right prospects and generate a higher conversion rate. That environment cannot be replicated anywhere else.

LinkedIn as Your Preferred B2B Social Media Marketing Platform

LinkedIn holds a decisive advantage over other social media platforms because it enables you to connect with hard-to-reach business professionals with industry-relevant messaging through a variety of ways using precision targeting. Considering the long-term benefits, investing in LinkedIn’s advertising platform can yield excellent results that offset the higher initial investment.

So, if you are looking for a platform that enables laser-focused targeting of your ideal customer and higher conversion rates, LinkedIn is the B2B social media marketing platform that you need to reach the ideal decision-makers to effectively drive business growth.

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