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Advertising for the brands
of the future

Advertising. It literally just isn’t what it used to be. Today, this term is not only a noun, it’s a verb and a catch-all for broader strategic and tactical efforts in support of launching, promoting and/or growing brands, products, and services. Merit Mile is acutely tuned in to the needs and wants of our client partners, and like any agency worth their salt, is a ready participant when it comes to practical guidance on how to best mobilize and execute to accomplish the most desirable business outcomes.

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Founded in 2007 and
headquartered in Boca Raton, FL

Merit Mile has won numerous awards from the most reputable integrated marketing industry constituencies and strives for thoughtful, trusting, and long-term partnerships with worldwide clients. Merit Mile has steadily grown in scale and scope of services, and to this day remains a solvent, profitable and debt-free entity, and was most recently acknowledged as the 14th largest advertising agency in the region by the South Florida Business Journal. The firm works with brands large and small, in various industries and sectors, and counts over a dozen Fortune 500 companies as client partners.

Merit Mile Headquarters
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Our strengths are in our ideas. And our rewards are directly correlated to the trust we earn from our clients, day in and day out. Some advertising agencies enjoy the breathable air from a perch high above the masses. We’ve seen that view but prefer the sightlines on the ground floor. That’s where we do our best work; in the dirt. And when we come up for air, it’s the perfect combination of quality, efficiency, and results.

Similarly, the ability to harness and utilize technology has not been lost on us. Since our inception in 2007, Merit Mile has been uniquely identified as a technology-driven organization. This business mindset has allowed us to optimize execution across traditional advertising as well as easily embrace digital advertising requirements of the most sophisticated client companies. Technology has also allowed us to take on global assignments with relative ease.

To learn more or to speak directly with a Merit Mile consultant, complete the form above or call 561-362-8888

Our Brand Partners


As it relates to our core philosophy, it’s simple:

We enjoy the privilege and the challenge of earning everything we get. There’s no bespoke copywriting needed to express our eagerness to win and deliver. This is likely more akin to a brand ethos, not a philosophy, but in the end, this is what makes our work fun.

How can we help your brand achieve and sustain new levels of growth with Merit Mile advertising services? Here are a few ways…

  • Marketing, advertising and communications planning
  • Copywriting and content development
  • Campaign concepting, production, execution and measurement
  • Art direction, graphic and web design and development
  • Photo shoots, video development
  • Broadcast advertising, radio and TV spots
  • Collateral, presentations trade shows
  • Sales enablement and channel marketing
  • Pay per click, SEO, SEM

For more, please see our Public Relations, Interactive, Social Media, Research services


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