Citrix and Google provide educational storytelling on the benefits of desktop as a service across several vertical markets

Having a proven and predictable marketing strategy is important when building a B2B customer base in any vertical segment, but key to paving the road for sales is an effective thought leadership and expert awareness strategy that goes hand-in-hand. This integrated approach elevates the overall brand in competitive environments, reinforces key marketing messages, and softens the sales function. Prospective buyers seek independent ideas, inspiration, and validation during their purchase process. Thought leadership is a proven way to cultivate a reputation as a trusted authority on virtually every topic.


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is cloud-based technology that is gaining significant traction among IT leaders, but many in the C-Suite are still trying to understand its benefits to the bottom line of the organization. Citrix, Google Cloud, and ChromeOS are growing category leaders for DaaS, particularly as remote workforces have grown significantly since the pandemic. The two companies have built significant momentum in developing a vertically focused marketing and sales strategy within specific markets.

Wanting to augment with an educational thought leadership component, Merit Mile implemented an integrated PR awareness campaign designed to mirror this vertical approach in telling the story of Citrix, Google Cloud, and ChromeOS and the benefits of DaaS across specific industries. The successful integration and addition of an awareness campaign requires a deep understanding of pivoting a sales-focused marketing message into an earned media, educational narrative that tells the story of why C-Suite executives must pay closer attention.


Merit Mile’s PR team worked in close collaboration with its marketing team to ensure tight integration of Citrix and Google messaging for editorial audiences. The team developed a near-term messaging strategy with specific focus and prioritization of targeted media verticals. The team also identified key analysts who cover the DaaS and remote workforce topics closely to secure analyst briefings with brand executives and subject matter experts.

Merit Mile first focused its editorial and earned media pitch strategy on contact center trade media, and then expanded to include IT channel media and healthcare vertical media. This ensured that any earned media coverage would specifically target key verticals where the broader marketing and sales teams were also focused. While this took place, the agency also reached out to set up analyst briefings with some of today’s most well-known names.


The Merit Mile PR team executed its series of industry outreach programs for earned media awareness to contact center and healthcare publications and websites, landing Citrix multiple bylined articles. Key placements included ChannelPro, Contact Center Pipeline, and Healthcare Business Today.

The team also secured analyst briefing requests from leading IT research firms such as Gartner, VDC Research, and ESG-Global. These briefings were key in supplementing the vertical and IT trade media placements to inject Citrix and Google deeper into the minds of today’s top analysts covering these important topics.

Citrix Google Contact Center Marketing Case Study Results
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