Citrix and Google launch an end-to-end contact center focused marketing campaign and sales strategy

Selling into vertical markets brings laser focus to an organization’s marketing and sales strategies, allowing them to corner a market and establish an industry-leading reputation. Done right, messaging becomes more effective, campaigns are more focused, content is highly tailored to buyers, and sellers become attuned to navigating the nuances of the sales cycle. In fact, McKinsey research found that 38% of companies with a vertical marketing strategy achieve average contract values of more than $100,000 compared to just 4 percent of companies with a horizontal strategy.


Citrix and Google knew that contact centers were a high potential vertical for Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and secure by design ChromeOS devices. The rapid shift to remote work during the pandemic was the ultimate proving ground for solution, and Citrix and Google helped thousands of contact center agents make the switch with ease using Citrix DaaS and ChromeOS devices.

Wanting to build on their joint momentum, Citrix and Google came to Merit Mile to turn these early contact center wins into a complete go-to-market content and campaign strategy. Creating vertical marketing content requires three things: a deep understanding of the core products and services as well as experience becoming intimately familiar with the industry, the particulars of the buyer personas, and landing vertical messaging. Merit Mile possesses all three.

Citrix Google Contact Center Marketing Case Study Challenge
Citrix Google Contact Center Marketing Case Study Solution


Merit Mile began where all marketing campaigns should start—with the strategy and messaging. We interviewed stakeholders and subject matter experts from Citrix and ChromeOS, reviewed sales wins, and researched the contact center industry. With goals, pain points, and compelling attributes in hand, we assembled the content strategy and messaging pillars.

Merit Mile put forth a content marketing strategy that would nurture contact center prospects through the marketing and sales funnel. Starting at the top-of-funnel, awareness level content introduced prospects to the Citrix and ChromeOS contact center solution. Moving into mid-funnel, we went in-depth into contact center use cases, benefits, and features. At the bottom of the funnel, the campaign focused on customer success stories, economic benefits, and design considerations.


Vertical marketing content does't work in isolation. Each piece of marketing content was part of a larger campaign execution strategy across paid content syndication, nurture, social media, and organic search. Display ads, landing pages, social posts, blogs, and earned media worked in dovetail to reach contact center buyers.

The Merit Mile PR team ran a series of industry outreach programs for additional awareness to contact center and healthcare publications and websites, landing Citrix multiple bylined articles. Key placements included ChannelPro, Contact Center Pipeline, and Healthcare Business Today, in addition to securing a major analyst briefing session with Gartner.

Citrix Google ChromeOS DaaS PR Case Study Results

Finally, Merit Mile ensured that sellers and channel partners were equipped to lead the downstream sales conversations. Sales enablement efforts included contact center specific tele-scripts, reference cards, and nurture emails that ensured sellers were talking the talk and properly engaging with prospects.


Sample of Partner Branded Deliverable 2
Sample of Partner Branded Deliverable 2

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