Merit Mile Reports

Latest Trends & Preferences in Online Education Options

What Do People Think About Online Education Options?

The recent Merit Mile Online Education survey shows both current students and grads have mixed feelings about online education technologies as well as their salary potential. This Merit Mile Research and Online Education Survey gauges the perceptions and comparisons of traditional vs. online coursework, and the features people enjoy most out of the online experience. Fill out the form and learn:

  • Are people earning higher salaries when their majority of coursework is online?
  • Where do they rank the educational quality of online classes?
  • What are their general perceptions of online class technology today?

New Research On Student Loan Debt & Repayment Activity

How Many Loans Do Most People Have; How Much Debt Currently?

The recent Merit Mile Student Loan Survey takes a look at a variety of trends for current and former students dealing with college loans. The results show several data points that shed light on important trends that can be used by financial institutions for program development. Fill out the form to download the survey results and learn:

  • How many loans do most people have, what is the amount of debt and their interest percentage?
  • How many people would file for bankruptcy if it meant their loans would be forgiven?
  • When do they feel they will fully pay off their current loan debt?

2016 Merit Mile Research and Concussion Perception Survey

What Do Americans Think About Concussion Treatment Options?

The 2016 Merit Mile Concussion Perception Study survey shows Americans are divided about the best way to treat a concussion or head injury. This Merit Mile Research and Concussion Perception Survey gauges the perceptions of concussion awareness, and the preferred method of treatment for a concussion or head injury. Fill out the form and learn:

  • Are concussions more problematic than other illnesses?
  • Are people confident they could spot concussion symptoms in their child?
  • Would people risk treating symptoms to avoid a hospital visit?

Trade Show Tips

Each year more than 87 million people attend industry tradeshows to gain knowledge about new products and services. The research team at Merit Mile has compiled a list of the top 58 ways to make your brand stand out and make meaningful connections with decision makers at tradeshows and expos. Fill out the form and learn:

  • The best techniques for generating leads
  • What kinds of giveaways make the best impression on attendees
  • Fun ways to engage with people at your booth