Video Marketing Offers Great Return On Content

When it comes to advertising and marketing today, it is clear that content is a key piece of any successful marketing strategy. But what types of content are generating the highest return on investment? Although featured articles are still prime content options, video is not far behind. Video marketing is a technique that connects companies to their target market better than any other medium out there.

According to research from video testimonial service BuboBox, people who view a web video are 64 percent more likely to purchase than visitors viewing other content. With shortening attention spans, consumers today don’t want to read anymore – they want others to show them what they have to offer; to them it’s much more visually appealing to click a link with a graphic already embedded into it rather than just plain text to a link. Companies strive to make themselves stand out from their competitors and through video marketing people will absorb more information than from written content alone. Video simply increases a brand’s recognition.

One prime example of this is, the record breaking online retailer with over one billion dollars in sales. It claims that products with video out-sell by over 35 percent than products with static text and picture pages. Video marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated process, particularly when it becomes a part of a mobile marketing strategy; technology today has made video recording an effortless process that often becomes easier than operating the latest smartphone technology. And growth of video viewing on smartphones has exploded and poised to grow even further. Business Intelligence says video viewing on smartphones grew 77% during the last two years alone.

The key, though, is the way in which companies engage their consumers. As Kyle Newton, Creative Director at Merit Mile explains, “A good key is to grab the viewer’s attention early in your videos. They need to be short, sweet and to the point. Drafting up a good introduction followed by well-placed content and strong call to action will leave the consumer feeling satisfied.” As the evolution of marketing changes, it’s important that marketers change just as quickly to adapt. With the rise of video increasing, people crave the need to be more engaged in a company’s brand, spending more time on websites consuming product information and regurgitating it back to their network of friends who then spread the word. How is video marketing helping your content strategy? Email Merit Mile to learn more.