Using LinkedIn to Promote a Webinar

LinkedIn and similar networking sites are a great way to generate free buzz for a B2B webinar. Since Linkedin is focused on professional networking, it gives you an opportunity to reach out to other professionals and potential customers.

Speak to Your Connections – Linkedin allows you to update your profile and tell your connections what you are working on. This info will appear on your connections’ Linkedin home page when they log in. Update your profile to promote the upcoming webinar. Start a week or two in advance and update it every few days. Edit your profile and change the “What are you working on?” field to something like this:

Allan is working on a webinar for IT professionals. Vanessa is working on a webinar that explains how to increase revenue with retail ERP systems. Modify this slightly on your profile every few days will cause it to reappear on your contacts’ home page when they log into LinkedIn.

Reach out to Relevant Industries – The first way to reach out is to answer questions in the Answers section of LinkedIn, to show that you are an expert. Look for questions in categories relevant to your prospects and see if there are any that questions that can be answered by your webinar. Also post questions asking people for feedback on your webinar, share the link to the webinar landing page in the questions. Next, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of groups on LinkedIn where people join to associate with people in similar industries.

Join groups that are relevant to your prospects and use the new LinkedIn discussion board functionality to promote your webinar.

Tracking – Also use a unique url to track your efforts and see how many site visitors and registrants came from Linkedin. If you want to get more advanced, create several tracking links to test different messages posted on Linkedin and repeat the ones that are most successful.