Using Emojis Effectively In Your Marketing Campaign

Emojis are of popular use amongst millennials and marketers are realizing the advantage of incorporating them into their marketing campaigns. These icons can help marketers make a positive connection with the younger generations.  Here are some tips on how brands can incorporate emojis into their next campaign.

Emojis and Target Audiences

While emojis are fun and can add some humor or spice to marketing efforts, it is not advised that brands use too many as it may be overwhelming or confusing to the audience. In general, brands use marketing campaigns to convince consumer’s that their brand is more valuable or interesting that the competition. By engaging with consumers in a way that they are familiar with, brands can get and edge on the competition that may not be using this strategy yet. But brands should be careful when selecting the emojis that they use in their campaigns. Emojis should match the brand’s message and be relevant to the product or service that they are promoting.

Persuade and Encourage Audience Interaction

The friendly face of a smiling emoji might be just what your brands needs to better engage with its target audience. If a business were to advertise to a target market with a bland photo of the beach and a long caption, it may not catch the eye of a millennial customer. However, if the photo of the beach had a sun emoji inserted in the corner and a beach umbrella inserted into the sand, that photo holds a creative element and the eyes of a younger audience may stop to look. Even better is making the caption short, sweet and informative about how the brand connects to the beach and inserting the smiley face with sunglasses emoji. It becomes relatable and increases traffic to a brand.

When and Where To Use Emojis and What to Avoid

Nothing is worse than leaving a bad representation of a brand in the minds of the target audience. Depending on the business, marketers need to be aware of what part of the scale their brand falls on. Is the business laid-back like a bakery or is to be taken more seriously like an engineering company? There is a line of disrespect and distaste brands should avoid. Which is why it is considered a strategy when using emojis. You want to promote your brand for what it is and not confuse your target market or put them off with irrelevant emojis.

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