Top Marketing Trends for 2014

With 2013 coming to a close, marketers have set their sights on what seems to be a completely digital 2014. All signs point toward a shift in satisfying digital consumer needs, as companies begin their planning and budgeting for the new year. PR News has pointed out the top twenty marketing trends we will see in 2014.

Social media should have an increasingly key role in 2014. These networks have become more than simply posting pictures and bragging about where you are/what you’re doing. They’ve become channels for B2B and B2C companies. Let’s consider a few statistics PR News points out: In 2013, 52% of marketers found a customer via Facebook. Companies that blog create 67% more leads than those that don’t. 43% of marketers found a customer via LinkedIn. Social media is only one component to the digital world. Content marketing will also have a greater role. Forbes states one of the main ways to establish trust and authority with your consumers is developing valued content; while 78% of CMO’s believe custom content is the future of marketing. Mark Reino, CEO of Merit Mile, stated: “Content marketing’s importance is consistently growing. There is a tremendous amount of upside for brands to embrace and execute on strategic content marketing campaigns integrated in existing marketing programs.” Along with marketers projected to spend roughly $135 billion on digital marketing in 2014, PR News also points out a few other trends we will see in the new year:

In the next 5 years, social media marketing will double. Click rates for social sharing through email will increase 158%. 50% of companies will have content marketing strategies. 73% of reporters believe press releases should have images. Will the new year looming, is your company ready for new digital marketing needs in 2014? Contact a Merit Mile strategist and make an appointment to get your company going in the right direction.