The Reach of Facebook Advertising

The digital age has turned the advertising model on its head. With the advent of social media and the ease of connectivity, advertisers need to find new ways to reach potential customers. Facebook has been the advertising driving vehicle because it offers the right tools for organizations. Allowing businesses to micro-target their desired audiences has placed Facebook as one of the leaders in advertising.

However, brands must be willing to spend some money in order to get access to their target audiences. A recent study by Neustar in Insider Facebook showed that Facebook advertising, when compared to exchange, portals, and networks, was the most cost-effective for most major brands. According to the study, social media efficiency was 37% better than exchanges. The effectiveness of Facebook advertising lies not only in their ability to reach micro-targeted audiences but also the duration of users on the website.

Facebook advertising is also the most successful in obtaining new users. With the advancement of technology and ease of connectivity, consumers are always online. The majority of consumers utilize their phones for news, shopping, and social media. Organizations are wise in utilizing Facebook advertising because of how customers can be reached across its multiple platforms. Individuals’ mobile usage is more durable and Facebook’s multiple social platforms allow businesses to meet customers’ needs, increasing return on investment. “In our digital world, meeting consumers across multiple screens is top priority,” said John Sternal, Director of PR and Social Media at Merit Mile. “Businesses are smart to utilize Facebook’s multiple platforms to target potential customers and integrate into larger marketing strategies that convert leads into sales.

What’s more, smart organizations will tell a story while engaging customers and creating brand loyalty for the best social returns”. In order to build brand awareness and influence consumers, brands must find ways to connect with their customers. How is your brand connecting with potential customers? Contact a Merit Mile strategist today to review your brand’s reach.