The Pop-Up Problem

Almost anytime you connect to the internet via an app or simply by visiting a website, you get bombarded with ads trying to distract you and entice you to buy their product or service. The ads are becoming more advanced, playing automatically and sometimes covering your entire screen, inhibiting consumers from ignoring them at all. The only way to escape the ad and get back to the preferred content is by clicking the “X”. The constant battle between consumers and online advertisers has been raging since pop-up ads were invented in the 1990’s. These ads were created as a way for advertisers to separate their content from the webpage’s.

The advertiser’s goal is to lengthen the time that consumers interact with the ads by any means necessary. Clicking the “X” on some ads has become a game of chance, especially for those with large fingers and small devices. Even on desktop computers, ads can be so complex that even finding the “X” button can be a challenge. Consumers often feel like online ads reduce the overall user experience.. They can take forever to load and slow down the website that the consumer actually wants to view.

Because of this, some consumers are fighting back by installing ad blockers on their mobile and desktop devices. Some companies have recognized that their customers are fed up with the ads and are re-evaluating their plan to support their sponsored content. While online ads of all kinds will most likely never go away, alternative ways to advertise such as native ads and sponsored articles may reduce the burden on consumers. Thinking outside the pop-up ad can create new ways for you to advertise to consumers online without causing them grief. Contact our Marketing Team to explore digital advertising options that will bring more business to your brand.