The Marketing Plan of March Madness

March Madness is one of the greatest times of the year for college basketball fans. For three weeks college basketball fans are glued to the television as well as their brackets hoping they picked the right winners and upsets. However, March Madness isn’t only a fun time for the fans. Marketers can also enjoy the craze of March Madness in a different way. According to an article in Forbes, the winning team isn’t the only March Madness winner.

Brands, too, want a piece of the March Madness pie. The article also mentions that since 2005, the tournament has generated nearly $7.5 billion in TV advertising. In 2014 alone, the NCAA tournament generated $1.13 billion, an increase of 1.5 percent. March Madness is considered one of the most watched sporting events along with the Super Bowl, World Cup and Summer Olympics according to the article. Since the games weren’t limited to television, advertisers were able to reach a wider audience they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach traditionally. By having an integrated campaign that also included a social media call to action, most brands were able to see how their content was doing and were able to evaluate their efforts and spending. What’s more, brands find they’re able to get creative with their March Madness campaigns.

Protect Your Bubble, a Merit Mile client, carved out its little piece of the March Madness pie. The protection plans company asked participants to vote for what they thought was the worst bubble-bursting moment in a traditional bracket format. More than three thousand people voted and water damaged phone was the big winner. For brands looking to make their presence known, it is important for them to join in the prominent conversations that are taking place. In doing so, not only can they reach a new audience but also be a part of a larger conversation. How have your campaign efforts measured up to your expectations? Contact a Merit Mile specialist to review your results.