The Importance of Thought Leadership

In a world where the internet is flooded with content marketing meant to drive business back to a brand, thought leadership is a way to stand out from the crowd and have your brand’s message really make an impact.

Thought leadership is about inspiring the industry in which the leader presides. The content of the article or piece written should revolve around new ideas and points of view that others have potentially not been exposed to before. 

The Difference Between Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

Thought leadership is defined as the opinions of informed leaders within their field of expertise. According to Thought Leadership Lab, thought leaders are “trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas.”

The difference between thought leadership and content marketing is the intent of the author. Whether the author knows it or not, readers are able to tell what the goal of the piece is fairly easily. Content marketing will usually have phrases or even paragraphs devoted to detailing the value of the author’s product or service to the reader. Many times this can come off as being too promotional. This can be a turn off for consumers and often times may keep editors from publishing your content.

Writing an Effective Thought Leadership Article

In a thought leadership piece, the author appears to want nothing more than to share their wealth of knowledge with the audience. This gives the audience a more sincere feeling as opposed to feeling like they are being sold something. Now, if the audience feels compelled to do business with the leader’s brand afterward, that’s just an added bonus.

Start by finding a topic that you are passionate about, have a wide knowledge of and that will be interesting to others in your field. By offering your own take on the subject you may be able to show your audience a side of the story that they weren’t aware of. This is what will make you stand out from the rest.

Leaders Should Have a Presence on Social Media

Thought leaders are looking to make an impact on the industry, and what is more impactful than social media right now? For leaders looking to grasp their audience’s attention, look to social media to help.

Social media networks are a place for consumers and other business leaders to connect with the brands they love and admire. Thought leaders should take full advantage of this opportunity. Start by choosing one or more social networking sites to have a presence on. The ideal social network for thought leadership is the one that the desired audience is most active on.

You can build credibility on those sites by sharing articles written by yourself, articles written by others within your industry or just helpful tips. Thought leaders can also begin a rapport with their audience by answering questions personally. Social media has made this an easy task via direct or private messaging.

Become a Thought Leader Today

Becoming a person of influence in your area of expertise can only help boost both your own and your brands credibility. If you need help finding your voice and getting your message out to the world, contact a Merit Mile professional today.