The Cloud To The Rescue

Many SMBs lack an adequate disaster recovery (DR) protection for their applications. Disaster recovery is deemed too expensive, complex and unreliable for any but the most mission-critical applications. Traditional disaster recovery solutions often require significant upfront expenditures for hardware, software and network infrastructure. In addition, these infrastructures must be managed and maintained, adding to overhead costs.

These barriers to entry make it difficult for most SMBs to get any DR plan off the ground. With the advent of the Cloud, new DR services and solutions are being offered – at prices that most SMBs can afford. Cloud-based DRs are inherently easy to use and manage, as they are typically deployed as turnkey solutions, with the back end hosted and managed by the provider. Traditional DR solutions fail upon launch because they depend heavily on manual processes.

Traditional recovery solutions are complex to set up, require a secondary data centers, dedicated infrastructure, and hardware-based replication to perform the recovery. Cloud-based recovery solutions allow for the replication of virtual machine data to the Cloud. While not without its own challenges the newly emerging Cloud-based services can make it easier, more affordable and reliable for SMBs.