Social Media and Modern Day Candidacy

Appealing to listeners takes strategy. There are various ways to market and reach out to viewers, particularly nowadays with numerous content outlets to post to. Sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allow people and brands to broadcast to the public such as 2016 presidential candidates, thus creating modern day candidacy. Hilary Clinton recently announced her 2016 Presidential candidacy via YouTube.

This allowed her to interact directly with potential voters and a wider audience. Presidential candidates reaching out to voters is no different than a brand trying to reach out to consumers or other business audiences. Social media outlets have become a significant part of how brands build a relationship with viewers and consumers. All portions have to add up to what businesses hope to be a constructive conversation that further establishes the brand in the eyes of consumers. In this day and age, making a difference and hearing what the consumer has to say is how businesses should be run. It is no different with a Presidential campaign. In order to attract and involve a large number of people, it is imperative to hear what they have to say. Just as consumers want to be heard, voters do too. Trying to win an election is like a brand trying to influence or win over a new audience.

Both need to gauge what is being said about them and how audiences are receiving those messages. Meeting consumers and voters where they are should be the first step of action. Brands, like Presidential candidates, must know what the public is looking for in order to have an impact. No one wants to have a wasted effort or lose money. After all, we know that time is money. Whether you are looking to run a social media campaign or want additional social media training Merit Mile can assist. Contact our Social Media Specialist to bring your brand identity into the social sphere!