Rules of Engagement

Engaging with an audience is one part skill, one part reach and one part timing. All parts add up to what businesses hope to be a constructive conversation that further establishes the brand in the eyes of consumers. Social media managers spend an ornate amount of time developing content for readers and consumers alike. It is easy to hit gold with a well-constructed blog or tweet, but nothing resonates with an audience quite like hearing from their peers.

Gone are the days where consumers can only voice their opinions through a customer service call center. With social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Yelp, etc. every individual with access to the internet can share their experiences with a good or service for better and for worse. The best companies are handling it all in stride. Providing social media training for their employees and encouraging each of them to engage using best practices. CEOs are among some of the most popular Twitter users using the social media to gain direct access to consumers. As the road map for success in the social media sphere continues to evolve Merit Mile Account Manager, Alexis Aarons suggests considering these Rules of Engagement: Communicate often and not simply when you have a blog or ad to share. Engage in conversations on pertinent topics and even with your consumers when appropriate.

Clarify your message. With 140 characters it is very possible to effectively get your point across. If you need more space include a link, but remember less is more. A picture really is worth a thousand words so utilize photographs, creative files and other imagery when it makes sense. People are more drawn to images than words. Solidify a plan before you begin. Social media deliverables and measurements can be overwhelming as can an overly lofty goal. Set reasonable expectations that allow for consistency. Consistency is key in developing a voice. People need to feel a connection through your communication and know what they can expect. It provides a sense of reliability, which is extremely valuable in branding. Whether you are looking to run a social media campaign or want additional social media training Merit Mile can assist. Contact our Social Media Specialist to bring your brand identity into the social sphere!