Remarketing: Because Once Is Never Enough

Trying to convert site visitors into leads is no small task. With a little help from remarketing, companies experience a growth in revenue and brand awareness that simply cannot be denied. A Loews Hotels case study shows that the hotel company saw an increase of 60% in revenue and a 57% lift in bookings when they ran a Cyber Monday campaign last year utilizing remarketing. The holiday season is an ideal time to implement a remarketing campaign. Consumers are almost entirely unpredictable during this time.

Purchasing on impulse and obtaining items that are completely out of the realm of their normal spending habits becomes the norm. Rather than buying for themselves, consumers are searching for gifts for others. Some are seeking to top a previous gift in both price and quality. Others will be fastidiously seeking a last minute solution. Consumers that have repeat exposure are more likely to convert into a sale. Every business can benefit from the opportunity to remarket during the most competitive time of the year…the fourth quarter. “Remarketing can be relatively simple if you have the right tools and an understanding of where your ads are being placed,” said Creative Director Davo Ward. “Making slight changes to your message can bring positive results.”

When you think of remarketing it is important to think beyond the typical ads that your average consumer or audience may normally be drawn to. Take risks to get the attention of potential new customers by adjusting your Facebook ads. Revamp or even create a new format tailored for a dynamic remarketing experience. Changing styles, fonts, colors can all make your remarketing efforts standout. Looking to develop a remarketing campaign, but not quite sure where to start? Reach out to our creative department and allow Merit Mile to guide you. We have developed the best practices to track campaign progress from start to finish.