Perceptions of Concussion Treatment Options

What is the current perception of concussions and concussion treatment options? And are people truly informed on the issue of concussions?

Merit Mile’s research division recently presented a survey to more than 750 people throughout the U.S. to take their pulse of a number of concussion-related issues and perceptions. What’s more, the survey also aims to get a baseline understand of which pharmaceutical, neurological and research groups are taking a leadership role in the eyes of consumers.

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The recent media coverage of concussions and their side effects have sent the public into a frenzy. Or has it? Are people truly concerned? Do they care about concussions Monday through Saturday, but couldn’t care less on Sundays as long as their favorite NFL team plays well?

The marketplace has been flooded with products that claim to prevent concussions that have no scientific or medical merit. Additionally, concussion clinics staffed by people with no expertise in brain trauma, such as dermatologists, orthopedists, and chiropractors, are cashing in on the public’s fear. There are currently more than 400 “concussion clinics” in the U.S. 

Concussion products lacking credibility range from neck braces, helmet covers and even dietary supplements. In fact, the FDA has issued a warning that ingested substances cannot prevent or treat a concussion but the demand for such products has only increased.

The obsession has even spread to technology. Now there are smartphone apps that claim to diagnose concussions. Neurologists warn that these apps should not be relied on because of the complexity of traumatic brain injuries

Parents and athletes alike are concerned about the lasting effects of a concussion, but experts say it is unlikely that one concussion will lead to a degenerative brain disease.

Currently, there are new brain injury laws being set in place in 49 states to protect and prevent concussions.

How does all of this impact the pharmaceutical, neurological and research industries all rushing to take a leadership position in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of concussions – for both sports and military? Download the complete results of the survey to find out. And schedule a call with a Merit Mile positioning expert who can discuss thought leadership content campaigns that can elevate your position within the industry.

Click here to access the complete survey results.