Pardot and Salesforce Management for Marketers

If your marketing team’s hard work is bringing in a lot of new leads through Salesforce’s CRM but you want to better understand their buying journey and qualification, then implementing a marketing automation tool is one of the most logical solutions for scoring and managing your new leads. By integrating Salesforce CRM with Pardot, marketers have the data and automation capabilities to build an intelligent marketing pipeline that allows companies to achieve their marketing goals more efficiently, resulting in a better user experience and increased ROI.

Pardot’s marketing automation capabilities will assist marketers in the execution of their marketing strategies while providing valuable analytics into their user’s behaviors throughout their journey. When connecting Salesforce to Pardot the best option is to use the Salesforce/Pardot connector app. With the built-in support that this tool offers the marketing team can more easily track and measure the user’s behavior across campaigns and apply lead scoring/nurturing best practices and then are able to direct contacts to the appropriate team.

Salesforce and Pardot Integration

To start, the marketing team will typically define the target audience and user personas, then using Pardot’s tools they can easily build out landing pages, emails, and assets that will be used to target the audiences and personas. Using the automated lead scoring features of Pardot the leads can be easily qualified as they are entered based on the criteria that were specified during the setup phase. Once the lead has met the scoring goals based on their behavior they can then automatically be identified by the sales team using the Salesforce backend, keeping the lead moving along the sales pipeline in the process.

When selecting a marketing partner, it is important to make sure your chosen team knows the marketing platform you are working on and how to craft workflows. Most Salesforce Admins will have the experience to be able to help you achieve your marketing goals using those tools, however, there are a couple of certifications you can look for when selecting a Pardot partner, Pardot Specialist and Pardot Consultant, the latter having a wider breadth of training.

Our team at Merit Mile offers management and development support in the setup and creation of your Pardot and Salesforce integration, including Pardot campaigns, emails, landing pages, and assets before, during and after the campaign to help achieve the goals you have set. In fact, we helped one of the country’s largest telehealth providers on their road to full marketing automation by consulting on their Salesforce + Pardot landscape and creating emails and landing pages that are optimized for their pipeline within Pardot.

Pardot and Salesforce, when used together may offer the best marketing intelligence and automation for your organizations’ needs, allowing your sales team to focus in on the hottest leads, resulting in more sales, and an increased ROI. With extensive training for Salesforce and Pardot, our experts at Merit Mile can assist you at any level, from content creation and development to campaign creation and management. Contact us to get started on your Salesforce/Pardot integrations.