Owning Your Social Media Mistakes Could Save You From Embarrassment

Social media mistakes are not always easy to fix. For companies that have an online presence, few, if any, can afford to have a social media blunder. The Internet is quick in pointing out mistakes and not readily willing to forgive. However, every once in a while companies will take in stride and own up to a mistake, making themselves the butt of their own joke. The Detroit Free Press was recently subject to a mistake of their own when they announced Jim Harbaugh’s being the next head coach of the University of Michigan football team.

However, they used a picture of Jim’s brother John. Before the Internet had their fun with this mistake, the Detroit Free Press social media team was quick to point it out on social media and apologize for the mix-up. As USA Today pointed out, the Detroit Free Press social media team took to their Twitter account to address the photo mistake and, with the help of some memes, made fun of themselves while totally owning up to the mistake and apologizing for using the wrong photo. What is the take away for other businesses? Instead of trying to cover up or do away with a mistake, usually, it is in a company’s best interest to own up to and address the mistake. In doing so, companies are being transparent with consumers and showing their human side.

No individual wants to interact with a big, faceless, corporation. Consumers today want to know they are being heard and that their opinions matter. When companies try to cover up a mistake, it makes them seem untrustworthy to the public. An organization’s biggest advocates are its customers and if they lose faith, the organization will lose more than just customers. What is your company’s marketing strategy and how can you leverage social media to get your message across – even when the message delivery undergoes a little turbulence? Contact a Merit Mile strategist to review and craft a strategy.