Oscars Ads Not a Competition for Super Bowl Ads

Everyone always raves about Super Bowl commercials. Each year, consumers and organizations alike look forward to the Super Bowl to see the best commercials brands have to show. With slots costing upwards of 4.5 million dollars, it is no wonder Super Bowl commercials are a big event.

However, a recent USA Today article brought to light the real winner of commercials: the Oscars. Though this might come as a shock to some, brands are better off advertising during the Oscars than the Super Bowl. Though the Super Bowl may be the most watched event on television, the Oscars is a more audience-targeted event. According to the article, the main audience sitting down watching the biggest award show of the season is women, with a slightly higher income. The study conducted proposed that people are more likely to be persuaded by commercials during the Oscars than the Super Bowl. How come? The Super Bowl garnishes a much broader audience and that doesn’t necessarily translate into sales.

What’s more, consumers are more likely to believe brands advertising during the Oscars than those that advertise during the Super Bowl. Why is this so? The Oscars provide 3 key persuasion reasons. First is category exclusivity because there isn’t an abundance of product competition and since there are fewer commercials during the Oscars, brands must be selective in what they choose to advertise. Second is a more targeted audience. Because more women watch the Oscars, there is a greater chance of persuading them, given there aren’t as many brands advertising. Lastly, less competition. On account of the Oscars having a more female audience, it is no wonder that brands look to advertise products that cater to women.

For organizations that look to meet their bottom line goal, increasing sales, advertising during the Oscars is the better option. When it comes to advertising, are you taking your target audience into consideration? Having your message heard by a wide audience is not as effective as having it heard by the right audience. Contact a Merit Mile specialist to review your efforts.