More Than Salary, Work Environment Matters Too

It’s no surprise that some of the biggest companies and corporations are the best places to work. However, when it comes to what makes a good work environment and what makes employees happy, the amount of money the organization makes isn’t always as important as other factors. Not only are these organizations well-known and popular with their employees but they understand the basics of company identity and branding.

They recognize that by motivating their employees, it will boost company morale and make the work experience enjoyable. A recent article in 24/7 Wall St highlighted the top 75 companies to work for. Things like wages, perks, benefits, and hours worked were analyzed by, a career community website, in which employees can rate their companies and potential employees can research more about an organization. For the purpose of the study, employees ranked their organizations on a scale from one to five, approval rating of the CEO, how many employees the organization has and revenue.

All of these factors, in addition to the effectiveness of internal communication strategies, have an impact on the corporate brand and identity. Topping off the list at number one is LinkedIn. Employees gave the professional network giant a 4.5 out 5.0 rating. Not only do they enjoy amenities such as free food but the work-life balance is something frequently praised. With a 97% approval rating, CEO Jeff Weiner is commended for his leadership and confidence. Mark Reino CEO of Merit Mile, in explaining the importance of branding and employee morale, stated “Employees enjoy being associated with a company that appropriately reflects a brand image that they can relate to both professionally and personally.

Much like the clothes you wear, the car you drive, and the causes you support, your ‘employer brand’ – whether you know it or not – often times cast a reflection into your own ‘personal brand’”. When employees relate to their company’s brand, it makes for a more enjoyable work experience. Mr. Reino went on to say that, “progressively minded employers realize that employees are valuable – and making sure they resonate personally with their professional brand is a helpful practice in increasing morale and retaining key employees”. As we can attest at Merit Mile, happy employees make for successful companies. How are your branding efforts impacting employee morale and your brand’s identity? Don’t overlook your branding and communication efforts, as it is the key to succeeding. Contact a Merit Mile branding specialist to review your efforts.