Mobile Marketing

With the incredibly increasing popularity of Twitter, more and more people are becoming aware of the power of what can be said in only 160 characters. In addition, business owners are realizing that SMS is a cost effective way of communicating with potential customers especially due to the broad coverage it offers.

Essential to today’s economy is noticing instant, cost-effective results. The immediacy of a text message over an email or phone call is the essence of mobile marketing. Alluring viewers to reply instantly allows the company to track participation and measure interest from various publics. What sets mobile marketing apart from other advertising is that rather than trying to gain as much publicity as possible, mobile marketing is meant for one particular person at a time. Text message marketing aims to investigate the lives of each receiver to figure out what they look at, what they are interested in and how they respond.

This can be utilized by any industry as an extremely successful new age marketing tool. Text messaging today yields a similar response as email when it was first introduced, only the percentage of the population with access to a mobile phone is much greater than that with access to email in its beginnings. Mobile marketing isn’t just about brand awareness, it’s about accessibility. Mobile campaigns are considered a waste of time if they don’t prompt an instant call or text response; the point of mobile marketing is a successful call for action. Unlike web marketing, a mobile marketing “click” isn’t just an impression—it’s the first step to developing a relationship with a potential customer.

That one sign of interest on the part of the customer, no matter how small, gives the marketer a green light for future interaction. Rather than the traditional one-way conversation style of most advertising, mobile marketing stimulates networking. You don’t need to be a communications expert to know that two-way communication will almost always be more successful than one.