Mobile Marketing Growth: Are You Ready?

Mobile Marketing has quickly become a leading strategy in the business world, as well as the campaigns associated with many of today’s largest brands. The mobile device has transcended from what was once used purely for leisure to recently becoming an added appendage we depend on for communication balance though our everyday and business outreach. According to ComScore, mobile Internet usage will eclipse the desktop by 2014, and insight from ABI Research shows that the annual volume of mobile app downloads will reach 56 billion this year alone. With all this new development in the mobile marketing sphere, what does this mean for the consumer and the new bridges of connectedness from marketers?

Simply, because mobile marketing is so personal, there must be ground rules set in order to achieve the best possible results. For the reason that the consumer has now become just a text message, app, or QR code away, it’s important that guidelines are set and boundaries respected so that companies can build strong relationships and loyalty between their company and stakeholders over time. “Mobile marketers must respect the right of the user to control which messages they receive and decide to opt into,” stated Mark Reino, CEO of Merit Mile. “It is our responsibility as marketers to contrive a strong call-to-action in all mobile campaign initiatives, leveraging industry tools such as social media, analytics, and intelligent content placement.”

With carefully created campaigns and well thought-out plans, brands can expect more from mobile marketing programs and look to succeed with unprecedented results. As the technology world grows and the need to stay constantly connected continues to rise, it is undeniable that in order for companies to expand they must grow alongside the consumer. Brands that miss the mark will put revenue, loyalty and hard-earned brand equity at risk. What’s your mobile marketing strategy? Visit to learn how we can drive the right campaign for your brand.