Mobile Advertising Making Up Businesses Top Spending

Companies have observed that in order to stay in the game, they must not only have an online presence but a mobile one as well. A recent Business Insider article reported that businesses have started to more heavily invest in mobile advertising to reach Millennials and mobile first users. As these users begin to make up the majority of the population, companies must come up with new ways to engage and interact with this emerging target audience.

What makes mobile advertising so important? While the number of digital natives continues to increase, companies have invested in social media in order to share their story. However, merely being present on social media isn’t enough to drive sales. The Business Insider article referenced data from a BI Intelligence study, stating that by 2018 US mobile ad spend will rise to approximately $42 billion. With so many opportunities to engage consumers in mobile ads, it’s no surprise companies are increasing their mobile marketing budgets.

What does all of this mean for the consumer? With more than half of the population now owning a cell phone and treating it as an extension of themselves, companies must meet consumers where they are and find a compelling way to tell their story. No one wants to be told what decisions to make, companies to support or products to buy and the rise of mobile marketing and ads has made it easier for consumers to dictate what content and stories they want to see. As marketers, reaching the desired target audience and involving them in your storytelling process is how you can generate brand advocates and enthusiasts. In a world where the consumer is dictating what content they want to see, it’s critical that companies know what stories to tell and where to tell them. How are your mobile marketing campaign efforts?

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