Merit Mile’s New Presence In Atlanta

Since we opened our doors in 2007, Merit Mile has been delivering on the promise helping customers achieve new levels of growth in a fully-dedicated, accountable manner. Award-winning creative and a service-obsessed approach have been the two primary reasons for our success to date. Recently, the agency was just ranked as the fourteenth-largest advertising agency in South Florida according to the South Florida Business Journal.

But while it’s important for us to help client partners drive revenue and increase awareness, it’s equally important for the firm itself to seek expansion opportunities. As such, we’re proud to announce a more committed investment to the greater Atlanta region today. The ninth-largest media market in the U.S. according to Arbitron, Atlanta represents a strategic opportunity for Merit Mile. Because of its sheer size, Atlanta represents a great opportunity for Merit Mile to make introductions with new clients looking to solve unique business challenges. The firm will be able to provide high-caliber, integrated marketing services to businesses throughout the Southeast while leveraging its proprietary measurement technology – Merit Mile Metrix – for campaign results. Under Pete Galabiati’s leadership, the agency will provide a hands-on approach to client services as well as managing and steering the long-term growth for our business partners.

Pete has a successful track record of working with well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Brown-Forman, USAA and more. In fact, he was an instrumental member of the account team that brought an effective sponsorship program to Diageo and the Crown Royal brand. The program elevated awareness for the sport of professional fishing through leveraging popular anglers and sponsor wraps for boats, coupled with a nationwide promotional and advertising campaign, Diageo and Crown Royal captured a stronghold on the growing outdoorsman demographic. As a motorsports marketing manager, Pete worked closely with NASCAR for the creation of the highly successful “This Is NASCAR” campaign, creating branding platforms for popular racing series. The growth of NASCAR was exponential during Pete’s involvement, resulting in a ground breaking billion-dollar television rights deal with FOX and NBC for NASCAR. Want to talk to Pete? Complete and submite the form below or schedule an online meeting with him directly by clicking on this link. {embed=“site/small-form”}