Merit Mile Relaunches – “Cloud-ifying” Applications Worldwide!

The cloud is here to stay and software vendors worldwide are scrambling for simple ways to extend their reach. As such, recognized the need to improve upon their website to reach a broader audience, while better serving the needs of their customer base. Application Packaging Standard (APS) allows businesses across the cloud to take more applications to market faster by enabling the automated provisioning, configuring, billing, and support of cloud-based offerings.

While the changes to the APS website may at first glance appear superficial or cosmetic, the re-launch of the represents a major shift in architecture and design. The newest version of this site is powered by ExpressionEngine, a PHP-based CMS platform that is highly flexible and scalable to accommodate growth and future enhancements. The site is hosted on Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7 and SQL database powering the backend. A new feature introduced with the re-launch is Forums.

From here site visitors can discuss and obtain information and support in regards to the APS packaging standards. The forum is an integrated extension of Expression Engine, allowing for seamless compatibility with the main website. The website relaunch is one of several projects ongoing for Parallels Corporation and APS. In this initiative, the combination of Merit Mile’s creative and technical capabilities complemented those of the APS team, and the end result is a beautiful, simple and robust web presence that accommodates thousands of worldwide visitors each month. For more information please drop us a line here.