Merit Mile Partners with Managed Maintenance, Inc

Merit Mile, LLC, a South Florida-based marketing communications agency today announces that Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI), a Boca Raton Florida-based provider of IT Asset Management services, has retained Merit Mile for marketing consulting and development of creative communications designed to build awareness and generate demand. Initial strategies include the development of brand-building messaging and complementary advertising campaigns targeting OEM, reseller and distributor audiences.

“A real-time, revenue generating IT life cycle portal is only part of the news for MMI,” stated Mark Reino, President at Merit Mile. “Redefining how all segments of the IT supply chain conduct regular business with a simpler, more insightful solution is the game-changing differentiator we remain excited to promote,” concluded Reino. h4. About Managed Maintenance, Inc. Formerly a division of Champion Solutions Group, an IBM Premiere Business Partner, Managed Maintenance, Inc. offers organizations a revolutionary way to simplify IT inventory, maintenance and warranty tracking, while also providing complete visibility into opportunities related to maintaining or replacing their equipment and software assets.

A secure, easy-to-use web portal with password-protected access offers customers a real-time, line-of-sight view of the life cycle status of all their equipment, software assets, and support contracts. The MMI combination of people, process and technology offers the industry a powerful opportunity to create a contract management marketplace that brings together sellers, such as OEM’s, VARs, and service providers, with the consumer community. For more information visit