Merit Mile Metrix – a Unified and Simplified Cloud–based Marketing Analytics Solution

Merit Mile Metrix is a proprietary marketing analytics and reporting platform designed and built in the cloud on Microsoft Windows Azure. We use Metrix for secure internal reporting, client reporting, project management, email distribution, and ad campaign reporting.

Beyond high-level overviews, Metrix also provides granular views on a variety of subjects from open rates and conversions to creative version control and task management. Its goal is to ultimately make monitoring marketing campaigns as painless as possible for us and our clients. Here are some tasty nuggets of data the business analysts will appreciate, and the creative team will love for the purposes of designing and producing smarter communications in the future.

Email Statistics

Who clicked, who didn’t? What did they click on, where in the world were the when they clicked, what device did the use to view our communication? Website Analytics Metrix also integrates into the more robust analytics tools out there – like Google Analytics and Piwik. So any site that’s already configured to use these tools can be read and measured by Metrix—all in one online view!

Project Management & Time Tracking

We built Metrix with the intention of running it internally to be able to see, in real-time, where all of our time and expenses go—this is a feature any business looking for an agency like us would require. But the enhanced capability has made it an even more robust client-facing web application. Look for more announcements coming soon about Merit Mile Metrix – including social media and public relations reporting and analysis. Contact us to schedule your Metrix demo today!