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The holidays can offer businesses both large and small numerous fits in terms of setting the right marketing strategy. The right time to plan any holiday marketing campaign is after the previous holiday season. However, what techniques are available to businesses that are late to the game planning-wise? Additionally, what are going to be the hot marketing tactics for the 2012 holiday season?

Merit Mile’s Mark Reino was interviewed by Liza Porteus Viana of to discuss different marketing techniques businesses should employ during the 2012 holiday shopping season. According to Reino, leveraging mobile marketing and social media marketing are two areas that can benefit businesses both large and small. According to the story, Reino says adopting a “mobile-first” approach will soon be the defacto standard for nearly all web-based consumer marketing promotions. As for social, “Making sure you’re leveraging social channels in your local communities is hugely effective in terms of competing with the big guys in your categories,”

Reino told With the holidays coming to a close, businesses should be taking the next month to measure their 2012 holiday marketing plan’s effectiveness and use as a foundation for planning for the 2013 campaign.