Merit Mile Expertise In Qualified Remodeler Magazine

B2B technology marketing is simply part of our DNA at Merit Mile, and agency principals showcase a deep level of this expertise within a variety of B2B industries. Qualified Remodeler, a leading trade magazine for the remodeling profession, called on Merit Mile to explain cloud computing and the benefits it offers remodelers. Mark Reino, CEO of Merit Mile and lead agency strategist for many clients in the cloud computing space, including Microsoft Corp., Parallels and Citrix Sytems, expanded on a topic that’s a growing interest among builders and remodelers. Like many other industries, construction companies are looking for ways to maximize business efficiencies, lower costs, and leverage cutting-edge marketing options. Reino explains in the January issue of Qualified Remodeler: “As with any service, some cloud-computing providers are more reputable than others.

Mark Reino, Chief Executive Officer of Boca Raton, Fla. – based Merit Mile; a marketing firm that develops and executes business building marketing strategies; recommends finding providers through independent review authorities and industry referrals. “Potential cloud users often wonder why they should pay to use cloud-based services when they could purchase comparable software to use directly on their local or wide area network. ‘It’s the exact same reason you don’t have an electrical power grid in your house,’ Reino explains. ‘It’s a trusted service you rely on. Fundamentally, it comes down to a core business issue.

If software, storage, and web services are your core business, then I can understand the desire to purchase, install, maintain, and be responsible for your IT needs. But if you are a professional home remodeler, you might want to have all of the conveniences of the cloud automatically delivered to you, securely, as needed in real time.’ Reino also notes in a cloud environment the user is immediately downstream of updates; this also means an in-house IT department might be better utilized in a core business capacity.” How can Merit Mile assist with your cloud technology-based marketing strategies? Visit us at to learn more.