Merit Mile Communications Employees Design Reebok Shoes for Charity

What’s the latest office team-building exercise? How about having employees create their own custom-designed Reebok sneaker. Merit Mile Communications, an award-winning marketing, web, advertising and PR agency, put its employees to the test recently to find out who is America’s Next Top Shoe Designer – or at least who can create the most stylish casual office kicks. “We ask a lot of our staff each day in our pursuits of extreme client service,” said Mark Reino, CEO of Merit Mile Communications. “Injecting periodic assignments that are both fun and philanthropic benefit everyone while resetting and refreshing our creative compass.”

The first-place shoe was selected democratically by staff vote, and the winner also earned a cash award for its uniquely artistic footwear. Notable designs saw one employee design a shoe modeled after a NASCAR racecar, while another employee designed a shoe that mirrored the look of a client’s branding. The winning design, captured on the firm’s Facebook page, included equal elements of style, color, and aspirational messaging. What’s more, the winning designer not only was the envy of the entire team, but also selected a charity of their choice for a cash donation on behalf of Merit Mile. In this case, Covenant House of Fort Lauderdale, a youth homeless shelter, was the benefactor of the first-ever Merit Mile Reebok Creative Challenge.

Through Reebok’s Reecreate online store, Reebok enthusiasts can mix, match and personalize their favorite sneaker look based on seven different styles of shoes. Users can select a bevy of different color combinations, customize a theme that’s of particular interest to them or even build a shoe that mirrors their favorite sports team. Merit Mile is a forward-thinking, technology-savvy communications agency. The firm takes on business planning and consulting assignments, as well as creative services engagements such as branding and custom web development – all designed to fast track the business growth of its client partners.