Marginalizing Cost with Cloud Marketing

In a time when companies are trying to stay ahead of the technology curve while simultaneously maintaining efficient cost controls, opportunities within online marketing including social media have never been in higher demand. Intimidating terminlogy and the ever-evolving landscape of web analytics, measurement and ROI can leave contractors curious as to how to best embrace these new tools.

As Mark Reino explains in the April issue of Construction Executive Magazine, many building executives are turning to Cloud Marketing Technology. Cloud marketing is a business strategy that allows builders to shift their investments in IT and marketing-communications from in house to off-premise. Through cloud technology, everything from campaign design and list development to targeted distribution can be automated. Along with this automation, decisions such as identifying the best days of the week to email your prospect list are much easier with point and click reports available within many cloud marketing platforms.

Reino illustrates that a key payoff with cloud marketing technology is that it is created and launched in standard browser sessions, therefore eliminating the need for specialized in-house staff or dedicated infrastructure. “The bottom line is that contractors can be savvy, ROI-focused marketers while still concentrating their efforts on people, projects and bids”, explains Reino. Businesses can then also scale hosting services up or down depending on the times of year when more capacity is needed, making this especially appealing to small and mid-sized companies where marketing costs are often marginalized. As the economy begins to improve, new technologies such as cloud marketing can be game-changing tools to help companies make informed business-building decisions without compromising the amount of energy dedicated to their core business.