Simple, chic and unique fashions for women and children

Do you know those people who are absolutely impossible to shop for? Well, Merit Mile designed exactly for this audience. What’s more, the site is powered by one of the most robust e-commerce engines on the planet, integrates social media igniters effortlessly, and maintains a user interface that meets the demand of both power-browsers and power-shoppers.

The biggest marketing challenge associated with this launch was related to marketplace positioning. Additionally, as a start-up, Merit Mile needed to “nail it” on the first click because first impressions (literally) are the only impressions that matter when it comes down to garnering repeat visitors in this competitive environment. Similarly, the leadership at is French in origin and they regularly travel the world to discover hidden treasures in women and children’s apparel, beauty, and home décor. The collection is purposely edited to offer only true favorites and limited volume to maintain originality and uniqueness.

With a worldly vibe, Laure Nell customers stand out with unique fashions that are hard to find anywhere else. In an effort to appropriately capture these discerning business differentiators, the web design team at Merit Mile focused on simple elegance and made a big design commitment to the idea of “scrolling tiles”. Combined with high level photography (shot in Paris), the balance of the desire for simple elegance was executed using a minimalist approach with plenty of “air” so as not to overwhelm, but instead create a sense of “calm” in the browsing and shopping experience. For more on including some of the back end technology, check out this post. While you are at it, “like” Laure Nell’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter here.