Is Your Mobile Campaign Integrated?

The importance of having an integrated marketing campaign cannot be understated. In order for businesses to be successful and have the best return on investment, it is necessary to reach consumers across all platforms – mobile, television, and print. With consumers spending more and more time on their mobile devices, businesses are smart in delivering digestible content to consumers that will not only engage and present benefits but will also drive sales.

A recent Experian Marketing Services report highlighted the value of a mobile marketing campaign. Strategically engaging consumers is the driving force in a mobile marketing campaign. According to the report, 71% of marketers engage consumers through mobile channels. Organizations should make consumers feel as if they are on a journey, incorporating mobile messages, coupons, emails, and forms into the overall experience. In doing so, it not only creates a seamless mobile flow program but it also drives user traffic to the other organization’s sites, generating an integrated campaign effort. The report pointed out challenges businesses face and recommendations on how to reach consumers amongst the various platforms.

Being consistent through all campaigns – mobile, email, and in-store – allows for easier consumer recollection of the brand and product. Most importantly, companies must be able to measure their results. By having coded links throughout the various means of customer engagement, organizations can more easily track message frequency and user information. In this day and age, consumers aren’t merely passive agents. They want to be engaged and a part of the organization at large. Businesses must incorporate storytelling and an effective web experience into their campaign efforts for the best results. How is your mobile marketing campaign doing? Schedule some time with a Merit Mile strategist to review your campaign efforts.