Introducing, Florida Denture Institute

When a prominent Fort Lauderdale DMD arrived at Merit Mile to discuss her vision for a highly specialized “Turbyfill” dentures practice, first on the order of business was a name, tagline and brandmark. We hope you like them! Read on to learn more about what’s in store for the Florida Denture Institute.

Do you know that feeling when you stumble upon an infomercial pitching the greatest and latest inventions for cooking, cleaning, personal productivity, spiritual awakenings or healthcare? Yeah, you know, that “icky” feeling that makes you want to immediately change the channel? Suffice to say, we strove for and attained in our humble opinion, the polar opposite of that while developing the online and offline brand architecture for the Florida Denture Institute. From the beginning, Merit Mile integrated marketing pursuits over a very short period of time started with a naming exploration, followed by a brand identity and tagline initiative. With the launch of (running atop ExpressionEngine 1.6.6) we can now officially embrace our ground cover marketing strategies throughout the balance of 2009. On the product marketing side, across industries, features and benefits typically need to be communicated in hierarchical or checklist fashion as potential buyers are competition and cost critical. However, there are a few products in the mainstream that scale beyond technical features and embrace more visceral benefits.

Undoubtedly, Turbyfill dentures by the Florida Denture Institute fit this mold – pardon the pun! Communicating, eating, smiling and overall oral hygiene and comfort is immensely important to each of us regardless of our station in life. The Turbyfill approach (a unique methodology perfected over a half-century of clinical experience) by the Florida Denture Institute offers a denture solution with superior fit, function and aesthetics and, therefore, the good health, comfort and confidence that improves patients’ quality of life. Certainly, business building pursuits of this variety are less about product marketing and more about lifestyle and peace-of-mind. In the coming months, look for integrated public relations, direct mail and email marketing programs to keep the media and the targeted masses aware of the Florida Denture Institute.