Integrated marketing is key to a successful campaign.

Integrated marketing is the key to a successful campaign. And knowing your audience is the key to a successful integrated marketing mix.

Digital media. Digital Marketing. That’s the buzz these days.  And it’s no wonder. Our world is transitioning into a very digital world.  Yet the proven strategies of traditional marketing cannot be overlooked or pushed aside.

An integrated marketing campaign will take all marketing strategies and possible tactics into consideration. These will be vetted against the objectives and the audience. Those that resonate with the audience to meet the defined objective will win out. Those that don’t resonate – no matter how cool they are – shouldn’t be in the mix.

You’ve been asked to develop a campaign. You need to increase leads by XX%. Great. Measurable goals are outlined. Now the audience needs to be defined. While demographics are important – equally important are the psychographics. Audience personas are becoming more and more relevant to developing a successful integrated marketing campaign.

The psychographics will help identify where your audience is consuming their information. And your message needs to be where your customer is. Sometimes it will be in a digital space, sometimes traditional. But knowing your customers is key.

Projections for digital marketing spend in 2014 were $135 billion. While marketers keep reading how digital is taking over and more dollars are being shifted to digital strategies, traditional marketing is not by any means hiding under a rug. It is projected that in 2017, 37.4% of all global ad spending will be spent on television. That is the most of any medium. Ranking second is desktop internet at 19.6% with mobile internet following at 11.4%. However, keep in mind that it is projected newspapers will still outrank mobile internet with a 12.2% share of all global ad spending in 2017.

These stats show us that going solely digital may not be the best method for creating a successful marketing campaign. Clearly, people today are interacting with messages on multiple channels hence the need for an integrated campaign where multiple channels are working together. The key to knowing which channels should be included in your campaign is to know your audience.

Because it is not about an either or – digital marketing or traditional marketing. It is about marketing in a traditional world which is becoming ever more a digital world.

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