How Marketers Can Win the World Cup

Every four years, for a few weeks cultural barriers are overlooked as individuals come together to watch fútbol and to cheer on their favorite team in the World Cup. Millions of fans worldwide tune in to watch as thirty-two teams play their hearts out for one goal: the World Cup title. As brands and marketers alike try to tap into the World Cup advertising goldmine, Beats Electronics has stepped up its game in their creative attempts to reach millions of consumers during the tournament – but not as an official sponsor of the tournament. Brands have realized that merely selling a product isn’t enough anymore. Rather, consumers want to be told a story and the benefits of buying what’s being advertised.

Marketers are aware of the public’s need for storytelling and have built campaigns to fulfill this need. Beats Electronics is one such brand. By using big name stars in their micro-movie, Beats is telling the consumer a compelling story to purchase their headphones. Though FIFA’s World Cup is never mentioned by name, “The Game Before the Game”, as the campaign is called, highlights Neymar Jr., other athletes and celebrities preparing for one of the greatest nights of their lives and as they cheer on their favorite team. Though Beats is not an official sponsor of the World Cup, consumers can grasp the importance of the moment being portrayed. Many other brands have followed suit. Nike, for example, has rolled out their World Cup campaign featuring world renowned athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Howard, Wayne Rooney and David Luiz. By sponsoring individual athletes and having them promote the products, companies are using the athletes’ influence to reach consumers at large. Athletes aren’t the only ones aiming for gold. What does this mean for your brand?

Ultimately, it’s critically important today to develop an integrated campaign that combines education, storytelling, and a compelling marketing message. Once this is strategized, tie it all together with the right web experience and PR ideation to promote your message. Looking for the right strategy for your next campaign? Schedule some time with a Merit Mile strategist to learn how you can drive winning results.