How Is The CMO Role Adapting To Change?

A question to all the CMOs reading this blog post: How is your role different today than it was five, ten or fifteen years ago? Sure, creative, messaging and reporting are critical elements of the job, but there’s a good chance you would have mentioned those fifteen years ago, as well.

To find out exactly how the CMO role has changed over the years, Forrester and the Business Marketing Association (BMA) teamed up to conduct a survey of 117 marketing executives about how they take on new roles to support their businesses. Based on the findings, Forrester concludes that there are four key takeaways where the CMO’s role is different today, and that embracing these areas will lead to greater confidence from the executive team.

The CMO’s Role Is Bigger Than Ever: Added responsibilities have been the hallmark of any CMO in recent memory. The ability to take risks and learn from mistakes will allow many CMOs to embrace this new role and take on additional workloads. New Approaches Will Help Accomplish New Tasks: The rapid pace of business as a result of new technologies and multitasking have forced a change in the way CMOs interface and strategize with other departments, peers, employees and agencies. Bridge Silos To Foster Greater Customer Experiences: In order to maximize value and deliver on the promises to customers, CMOs must rely on stronger collaboration with internal teams and peers in order to refocus the marketing strategy on true priorities. Get To Know The CIO: More than half of the survey’s respondents said that IT is their most popular collaboration partner today.

This can’t be surprising to most CMOs given the importance technology has become to all facets of the marketing process. “Successful marketing campaigns today are as much about science and technology as they are about art and creative,” said Mark Reino, CEO of Merit Mile. “We utilize technology in our integrated strategic marketing campaigns, as well as the reporting functions that allow for stronger evaluations of results.” How are you embracing each of these four core areas of adaptation? Schedule a time to discuss your challenges with a member of Merit Mile’s leadership team and learn how we can help you succeed as a leading CMO.