How Can Success Stories Help Your Business?

Often times, it’s not enough to simply tell customers how you can help them. Rather, it’s important to show customers how you can benefit their business. This is strategically achieved through sharing a success story of a project that took place with a previous customer engagement. Also known as a case study, these stories take a “problem/solution” approach so that future prospects can see how your products and services offer potential to help their situation.

Taking this a step further, companies are also wise to broadcast their successes to larger audiences by getting the media to write about the situation. This can be challenging, though, as some companies are hesitant to lift the veil on their internal problems and the strategies they employ to overcome and succeed. SAP, a large enterprise software company with customers throughout the world, could easily fall into this category. They rely on success stories to demonstrate best practices and illustrate how their cloud computing software solutions can benefit companies in virtually every category. What’s impressive, though, is that they recently had a success story published in The USA Today talking about how their software is helping the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL.

As told in The USA Today: “At the center of the Niner’s re-invention is SAP, the Germany-based enterprise software giant that knows a thing or two about re-invention itself. The Niners are one of SAP’s initial customers of the company’s burgeoning sports business practice, which is applying three of the biggest trends in technology to sports: big data, cloud computing and mobility.” How can you make a recent customer success story work for you?

How can you leverage success stories as a way of marketing your products and services to future prospects? Merit Mile has a team of experts trained to identify case study opportunities for your company. From the strategy, message development, marketing integration and media/social outreach, Merit Mile produces case studies that can work to support the sales function. More importantly, the company relies on its Metrix platform to measure the campaign performance for optimal ROI. To schedule a free call and discuss your case study potential, email John Sternal today.