How Can A Press Interview Create Leads?

“Sure, it would be great to go on TV and do an interview, but how would that translate into sales?” This is a question we’re often asked in strategy sessions with clients. On the surface, national media appearances are great ways to elevate your brand and position your company against the competition. National exposure can also help deliver important messages that either start, reinforce or change conversations taking place within media and social circles. However, making your story interesting to the media and taking advantage of your appearance goes beyond simply being a talking head.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to determine what you want your audience to do, in addition to what you want them to hear or see. Is it all just about the information you want to deliver to an audience? Do you want them to visit your website for more information? Can they download something from your website, providing you with their email address as a lead? Do you want them to donate or sponsor a cause? Or perhaps you want them to purchase an item or service by calling an 800 number? What action do you want them to take once they’ve received your message? The answer to many of these questions can help you think through the entire lifecycle of an integrated campaign where PR, marketing, web and even social work in concert to advance your brand and create business momentum.

Merit Mile helped Veterans’ Pathway To Business Success raise important awareness of its cause by securing a national appearance on a major FOX News Channel show. The organization helps Veterans through grant money given to help them start or build their own business. The organization’s Executive Director talked about the mission on FOX News Channel, but she also made it a point to address and ask for more corporate sponsorships. This plea led to several phone calls from Veterans and potential sponsors after the show aired.

The right integrated strategy can help build awareness and generate leads for any campaign. How can you get your story in front of national media and mobilize an audience to take action? Contact Merit Mile’s strategy team today for an introductory conversation.