Hostapaloooza Rocks the World of Cloud Computing and Earns a Gold ADDY in the Process

Rock ‘n roll was not just a musical revolution; it was also one of the main voices of a social revolution that focused on individuality, freedom of expression, and diversity. The rock ‘n roll generation defied convention and created massive industries such as personal computing, which led to the greatest explosion of information availability via the Internet, and now to the easiest, most convenient, and least expensive model for application development and deployment: cloud computing. In a guitar case, cloud-based systems enable small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to have the sophistication and business benefits of enterprise-class systems at a price point they can afford, while also reducing their administrative overhead. The SMB market is primed and ready for cloud-activation now!

However, there are so many choices—networking, security, storage, virtualization, applications, load balancing, provisioning, and client hardware products—that the research and selection process can be overwhelming. That’s why Microsoft and its industry-leading Dynamic Data Center Alliance technology partners formed a band that is rocking the world of cloud computing for SMB service providers and for their SMB customers.