Greyhound – An Interesting Case Study in Rebranding

Greyhound offers an interesting case study in rebranding today. The time-honored bus/transportation provider needed to undergo a makeover in order to attract new and younger audiences, as well as compete against other forms of popular and trendy transportation. Brands have learned that in order to continue to thrive in the 21st century business world, they must fight to stay relevant and modern.

As the economy continues to recover, consumers have considered different, cost-effective ways to travel. For those who are looking to get around with more ease and wanting to avoid security check points and lines, Greyhound has what you’re looking for. A recent USA Today article stated that as Greyhound celebrates its 100th anniversary, the bus line is rolling out new features such as Wi-Fi, convenient booking and outlets on its upgraded fleet. The bus giant is also looking to engage more with Millennials as they prove to be the decision makers and influencers of the next generation. Marketers can take a page from Greyhound’s execution as it slowly undergoes a makeover. As travelers 35 and younger begin to choose Greyhound as their mode of transportation, the bus line has been proactive in making passengers’ experiences more enjoyable.

By putting their customers first, Greyhound is ensuring that customer satisfaction as well as up-to-date technology will aid in their rebranding efforts. The narrative your company tells is important because it should inform consumers the benefits of doing business with you. Being able to engage customers across various mediums should be an integral part of your marketing campaign. It’s not enough to merely present the information to consumers. In order to be successful, organizations must be transparent and communicate openly with the public. Understanding the audience is also critical in setting the right marketing strategy for Greyhound.

Will they leverage mobile in their campaign to reach Millennials? How will they reach older generations that are more familiar with the brand and have a penchant for travel? Will they integrate lead-gen and awareness-gen strategies, along with social media, in order to find success? Each of these questions is a key part of the overall marketing strategy, in addition to the importance of measuring their campaign along the way. Are you strategically engaging with your selected audience in order to influence them? Schedule some time with a Merit Mile strategist and find out.