Email Marketing For Mobile Devices

The number of commercial emails opened on mobile devices is currently at 41% according to recent data from Knotice. Before the end of the year, this number is expected to surpass emails opened on PC/desktops. This fast-growing trend presents new challenges for marketers as the portable inbox requires specialized designs and messaging. Despite this accelerated growth in mobile devices dominating the preferred delivery method, 58% of marketers are not designing email campaigns for mobile.

This signals a big disconnect between marketers and the consumers they’re trying to reach. The issue cannot be ignored – marketers need to account for mobile devices when planning and executing email campaigns, even if they’re integrated with larger campaigns that include offline advertising strategies. The following four tips will help design more mobile friendly and effective mailers. 1. Keep It Simple and Use a Single Column Design. 
Real estate is limited on mobile devices. Make your design clean and simple and focus on the essentials. A single column template will make your content much more flexible for all screen sizes and browser types. 2. Present a Clear Call to Action. 
Make sure you have a clear call to action near the top of your email. Tell your readers what you want them to do, and make it easy for them to do so.
 3. Use Large Strong Fonts

As many people turn down the brightness level to help conserve battery life, display dark text on a light background. Also, use at a minimum size 11pt font for body text and 22pt for headlines to capture your audience’s attention. 4. Measure Your Entire Campaign. Leveraging robust marketing measurement and analytics tools, such as Merit Mile Metrix, allows experts to find out what worked, open rates and click-throughs, as well as what didn’t work and where adjustments need to be made going forward. Don’t wait for mobile devices to overtake PCs. Act now to revise your email campaign designs for maximum impact on mobile devices. For more information on email marketing for mobile devices, contact an email marketing or mobile marketing expert at Merit Mile to learn how your company can maximize this fast-growing trend.