Effective Holiday Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Businesses both large and small, and in a variety of industries, wonder what the right holiday marketing strategy should be to capitalize on sales. Place more emphasis on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or spread out a marketing budget throughout the course of the holiday season to capture last-minute shoppers. While much hype has been placed on the retail success of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, smart marketers will base their answers on a three-part strategy:

Planning Sets The Foundation Savvy marketers of businesses both large and small should plan their holiday marketing strategies several months prior to the holidays. In fact, the planning phase actually begins immediately following the previous holidays (more on this in a moment). The planning phase should include understanding your audience, identifying the methods and timing of your marketing outreach, and putting in place the most effective way to measure your campaign. Executing on this critical step can help maximize your efforts to successfully reach your customer base with great results.

Speaking Of Execution…

Email marketing continues to be a successful tactic used for holiday marketing, primarily because we all check our emails several times throughout the day – even on weekends. However, the proliferation of mobile devices and social strategies have quickly become a large part of holiday marketing simply because they’re extremely targeted ways of reaching customers. Social Media Marketing in particular is a great way for smaller and mid-tier businesses to compete against larger, global brands.

Through social engagement on popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter, companies can engage and develop a deeper relationship with local patrons, enticing them with offers that build a loyal following. When The Holidays Are Over When January arrives it’s time to start planning for next year’s campaign. Measurement is important to every marketing campaign, and it’s a cornerstone of every client engagement at Merit Mile. In an effort to measure exactly what worked and areas of improvement, Merit Mile uses its analytics technology, called Metrix. The technology breaks down every component of a marketing campaign to determine who received and opened your emails, who didn’t open, specific technology and devices used to read emails, and much more. This insight is critical data that can help shape your holiday marketing strategy for the following year. How can Merit Mile help you with your marketing strategy? Visit www.MeritMile.com to learn more.