Best Practices In Search Engine Optimization

The growing importance of Search Engine Optimization is on full speed for companies in virtually every industry. SEO is a strategic way to drive traffic to your website via the web, such as Google’s search engine. Constructing with SEO best practices in mind, you can help your company achieve better recognition, and elevate your position in organic (non-paid) search results. As long as you stay in the realm of SEO best practices, you will see positive results. Some of these best practices are comprised of the following: Analyze your customers/write for them. The more relevant the information posted on your blog, media page, etc. on your site, the more likely you’ll be set you up for success. Your links and URL’s need to feed off one another. Links are very useful; use them, but use them in the correct way. Use the right keywords or phrases and limit the number of links. Add keywords to your URL’s title in hopes to catch the attention of the viewer, instead of using a handful of numbers and symbols. Make Use of Pictures. People love pictures and adding the right ones will create a better experience for the viewer.

Photos make the page appealing and adding “alt” tags will make them search friendly. Photos with tags will direct them to your site. Some of the most effective SEO tools come from Raven Tools. Raven’s SEO software is one of the most impactful on the market, and its checklist analyzes many of the best practices that should be sought out:

  • 1. Identify targets (who’s above you?)
  • 2. Search competitor’s strategy and see how they successfully implement it.
  • 3. Find out what their strategy is and capitalize on it.
  • 4. Revisit your competitors every quarter.

Social media and SEO can no longer work apart, yet they must now coexist. It’s valuable to market your work through these channels. The more links built to redirect back to your site; the more search engines will become aware of them. Contact a Merit Mile strategist today to discuss your SOE strategy concerns for your company and keep your business momentum going.